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Dreaming of Dr. Dolittle

The work veterinarians perform is not unlike that of pediatricians. In neither exam room can the patients directly “tell” their stories. They are unable to say, “Doc, it hurts every time my leg bends this way.” or,  “I… Read More

When to Visit a Veterinary Surgeon

The chance to cut is the chance to cure. This is a classic line out of the mouths of veterinary surgeons who relish their time spent in the operating room, donned in surgical garb and cutting to the… Read More

When to Visit a Veterinary Oncologist

Welcome back to the world of veterinary specialists. With this series of blog posts my ongoing primary goal is to help you determine when your pet might benefit from a visit with a specialist. Thusfar we’ve covered ophthalmology,… Read More

When to Visit a Veterinary Ophthalmologist

This is the first in a series of blog posts that I hope will help you determine when your four-legged family member might benefit from a visit with a veterinary specialist.  Be reminded, veterinarians cannot refer to themselves… Read More

What is a Veterinary Specialist?

I participate in a list serve for veterinarians who specialize in internal medicine. The list serve “topic de jour” concerns veterinarians who are general practitioners (also known as family veterinarians), yet bill themselves as “specialists” in specific venues… Read More

The Evil That Lurks in California

You’ve heard it in the news.  There’s the gazillion dollar budget deficit, declining academic test scores, state park closures, and never-ending heated discussion about gay marriage and illegal immigrants.  What you may not know is that there is… Read More