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Five Red Flag Indicators That It’s Time to Find a New Vet

When someone learns that I’m a veterinarian, their face predictably light up with a smile. It appears that most folks believe that vets are wonderful. After all, we clearly love animals and we must be very smart- everyone… Read More

Dreaming of Dr. Dolittle

The work veterinarians perform is not unlike that of pediatricians. In neither exam room can the patients directly “tell” their stories. They are unable to say, “Doc, it hurts every time my leg bends this way.” or,  “I… Read More

Doctor, Behold Thy Patient as Well as Thy Patient’s Test Results!

As is true for all health care professionals, veterinarians sometimes develop tunnel vision. Now and then, they become so focused on test results that they fail to consider whether or not these results actually make sense in relationship… Read More

Reasonable Expectations VI: The Ability to Discuss Your Internet Research With Your Vet

This is the sixth part of an ongoing series describing how people are developing new expectations when it comes to veterinary care for their pets. Parts one through five can be found at www.speakingforspot.com/blog.  Please take your time… Read More

Dogs That Fly

The United States Department of Transportation recently released breed-related information about dogs that have died while traveling in the cargo compartments of airplanes since May 2005. Of the 122 dogs that died, 108 were purebred. Brachycephalic breeds (ones… Read More


My recent blogs have focused on rather serious topics, so I think it’s time to lighten things up a bit!  To that end, I would like to share some recent Speaking for Spot  sightings that prompted me to… Read More

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Getting Cancer?

When it comes to a cancer diagnosis, one of the most common questions I’m asked is, “How did my dog get this?” It’s only natural that people want to know what they could have done to prevent this… Read More

Gut Feelings and Second Opinions

I am a “regular” at the local corner coffee stop, so much so that my drink is often ready for me before I’ve had a chance to order it.  Amongst the eclectic group of shmoozers gathered most mornings… Read More

The Third National Dog Blog Carnival – The Human-Animal Bond

  You’ll find Speaking for Spot among the participants in the Third National Dog Blog Carnival highlighting the human-animal bond. Participants include noted authors, behaviorists, vets, trainers, and artists. You can read my contribution as well as those… Read More

A Delightful Coincidence

Seung will be entering his last year of veterinary school at Colorado State University.  On top of his busy academic load, he manages to work part time as a technician at Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Clinic. As a… Read More