Pet Food: What You See May Not Be What You Get

Many regulations exist for pet foods, but some recent research questions whether such regulations are adequately protective against pet food mislabeling. A study, conducted at Chapman University’s Food Science Program, suggests that pet food mislabeling is relatively common…. Read More

Home Cooking for Your Dog

Feeding dogs has come full circle. Back before the invention of canine convenience foods (kibble and canned products), a dog’s diet consisted primarily of table scraps left over from the human supper plate. The introduction of commercially processed… Read More

Reasonable Expectations IX: Discussion With Your Vet About What Your Dog or Cat Should Be Eating

This is the ninth part of an ongoing series describing how people are developing new expectations when it comes to veterinary care for their pets. Parts one through eight can be found at www.speakingforspot.com/blog.   I’ll be straight… Read More