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Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Steve and Alayne with Daisy I first communicated with Steve Smith when he and Alayne Marker enrolled their nonprofit organization in the Speaking for Spot Gives Back Program.  Located in New Hampshire, Steve and Alayne are the proprietors… Read More

Pet Nutrition Follow-up

If you could see me now dear readers, you would know that I am giving you a standing ovation! I anticipated my recent blog post about what to feed our pets might generate some heated discussion and bullying… Read More

Reasonable Expectations IX: Discussion With Your Vet About What Your Dog or Cat Should Be Eating

This is the ninth part of an ongoing series describing how people are developing new expectations when it comes to veterinary care for their pets. Parts one through eight can be found at www.speakingforspot.com/blog.   I’ll be straight… Read More