Dear Friends

Dear friends,

I want you to be the first to know that I am taking a sabbatical from writing my weekly blog posts. I will be embarking upon a couple of other projects that will consume my creative writing energy.

Looking back, I’m reminded just how long I’ve been at this business of blogging. Believe it or not, my very first blog post was on September 24, 2008. Wow, that’s a whole lot of writing!

My passion to write has been fueled by your ongoing enthusiastic feedback. Hearing from you that my blog posts have made a positive difference for you and your animals was all I ever needed to keep my fingers busy at the keyboard.

I carry profound gratitude for your loyal readership. During my absence, if ever you need to research a canine health issue, I invite you to use the search engine at “Spot Speaks”. Chances are I blogged on the topic at one time or another!

I will be spending this holiday season in St. Croix working at a post-Hurricane Maria ASPCA shelter. While excited about this opportunity, I suspect I’ll encounter some significant physical and emotional challenges. I hope your holiday season is filled with light and laughter, and I wish you and your four-legged family members much good health and happiness throughout 2018.

Warm best wishes,

Nancy Kay, DVM

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Author of Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life
Author of Your Dog’s Best Health: A Dozen Reasonable Things to Expect From Your Vet
Recipient, Leo K. Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Award
Recipient, American Animal Hospital Association Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award
Recipient, Dog Writers Association of America Award for Best Blog
Recipient, Eukanuba Canine Health Award
Recipient, AKC Club Publication Excellence Award
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Please visit to read excerpts from Speaking for Spot and Your Dog’s Best Health.   There you will also find “Advocacy Aids”- helpful health forms you can download and use for your own dog, and a collection of published articles on advocating for your pet’s health. Speaking for Spot and Your Dog’s Best Health are available at,, local bookstores, and your favorite online book seller.

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19 Comments on “Dear Friends

  1. Dear Dr. Kay. You have helped me and my three Portuguese Water Dogs more than you’ll ever know. Your blog posts have been a comfort and a blessing at my finger tips every week, something to look forward to and to count on. Getting out of my comfort zone of relying on your voice in my ear will be a bit jarring. Having your blog posts in my back pocket is invaluable.

    Thank you for all that you have done for us. Godspeed and all the best on your thrilling new adventures.

    Barb, Rudy, Trio, and Sawyer

  2. Dear Dr Nancy Kay.

    I looked forward to reading your weekly newsletters and have learned many things about our 4 legged friends through your stories.I will miss reading your educational information as I am sure many others will as well.Good luck and best of wishes on your journey & Merry Christmas.

  3. Dear Dr. Kay,

    Best wishes in your next adventures. For many years I’ve loved reading your posts and I saved almost all of them so I can always go back and read them again. Even though you aren’t writing the blog any longer, I hope you will consider letting your readers know about the conditions you find in St. Croix and other areas affected by the hurricanes. I’m sure many of us would be happy for direction in knowing how best to help.

  4. How do people get emotions down to one emotion? I am so sorry I will no longer be hearing from you each week. It has been a joy to learn more about my four legged family. I will miss hearing from you each week. Conversely, I am so pleased and proud to know someone who is able to help with the terrible aftermath of our natural disasters. Do take care of yourself, and I will look forward to hearing as much as you can share about your new mission. Your blogs have truly been a blessing to me and mine. Happy Holidays!

  5. Your advice and careful advice is appreciated. While you are absent, we will search your blog for review. No doubt that will take up the time until we meet again in your next article.
    Our rescue guests are mainly Labs with Labs4rescue. Some are heartworm positive requiring treatment in a restful environment. You too will see the neglect known to be
    avoidable. As spay/neuter is required by all adoptable dogs and cats, we know you will be busy carrying out that process. Stay safe and enjoy your mission.

  6. Dear Dr. Kay,
    While saddened to hear this news I wish you the best of luck where ever your journey takes you next.

  7. Dear Dr. Kay,
    I have been a fan of your newsletter for several years and I find your posts very in formative. I can sympathize with you on your up coming trip to St Croix because I live in Puerto Rico which as you know, was hit just as hard by Hurricane Maria. Since the hurricane, I have adopted two stray cats without any regrets. We have a Golden Retriever and two other cats and everyone gets along great. Good luck with your shelter in St. Croix and hope you will be blogging again soon.

  8. Dear Nancy~as a dedicated reader of your blogs for some years now….I, along with thousands, no doubt, will miss your wisdom and wit.

    As another year closes, it appears a new chapter is beginning for you.  “Pumpkin” and I wish you and your family all the best, and hope that you will continue to educate and inspire all animal-loving people who look to you for guidance.

    Julie Connerley and “Pumpkin”

  9. Thanks so much. You have taught me a lot and made me think. Enjoy your break, and do let us know when you are ready to come back.

  10. Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise freely with us. I have learned a lot, and enjoyed your posts. I will miss you! I wish you great joy and success in all you do. Clearly, you will be filling the holiday season with light and laughter for many lives who need you. Blessings to you.

  11. Oh no!!!! Dang. Well, congrats on making the right creative decision. It’s always hard to leave one labor of love for another. You have done so much for the dog community — and the owners who love them — over the years, we can’t help but want more. But 10 years is a long time, and you deserve to pursue the next thing with your full attention. Cheers!

  12. Dear Dr. Kay – best wishes and safe travels! You will always be a part of our “pack” even though our paths only crossed briefly in the grand scheme of life. You left an indelible impression on my heart and mind, and while you are away, I know I will continue to carry your message out to my community, and I’m sure there are many, many others that will do so also. Good luck and if you need anything for your efforts in St. Croix or wherever your path leads you, just put the word out.

  13. Dr. Kay, I have been a follower of your blog since nearly its inception & I want to thank you for the balanced information you have provided over the years. It seemed that whenever I encountered some question or issue with my dogs, that would end up being your topic for that week. Good fortune for me and my dogs. Good luck in your new adventures . . . the folks down there need you!

  14. Thank you for all your writings over the years. I’ve truly enjoyed every blog post you’ve written over the years and have shared many with friends. Best wishes on your new projects.

  15. Keep safe and take our prayers for your well being and those of the creatures you will be caring for. You are amazing

  16. Dear Dr. Kay,
    You will be missed, however, after almost ten years of blogging, you have earned a break. I am certain you will face many challenges is St Croix, personally and emotionally. I. have a very good friend who has a condo there and only a few days ago, the power was restored. If you ever run into an elderly gentleman, James Colias, please give him my personal regards. We have had a long friendship and is a delightful person.

    I wish you strength and perseverance there is St. Croix and hope you return to blogging after your sabbatical, Again and until ghen, you will be missed.

    Since I also am interested in the subject of eradication of puppy mills, do you know of anyone else who is a tenatious as you on this subject. I am just getting started on the subject and the more I dig, the worse it gets. The Golden Gete Basset Rescue saves about 100 Bassets per year.

    God Bless your work.

  17. Thank you for all the information you have shared. The animals in St Croix are lucky for your help! Safe travels.

  18. We will miss you, and are so grateful for all you do. Take good care.

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