Meet Nellie

Nellie, featured on the back cover of Speaking for SpotNellie, featured on the back cover of Speaking for Spot
Nellie is the dog on the back cover of Speaking for Spot. She is an 11 or so pound Terrier mix who was delivered to my hospital in 2007 by a good Samaritan. He'd found her wandering the streets of a neighboring town. She was a skinny little ragamuffin- in heat, terribly underweight with horrific skin disease, and her body was peppered with BB's. The second I looked into her eyes, I was smitten. I took her home just to "try things out." It took just a night to know she was ours for keeps. She is the very first little dog we've ever shared our home and hearts with and yes, she is our very first dog that sleeps under the covers of our bed!

She has moved from cover dog to star of screen and stage, starring as Toto in a Bay Area production of The Wizard of Oz. You can read about Nellie as Toto in my blog posts:

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