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Dear colleague,

I wrote Speaking for Spot to help clients understand their role in the veterinarian-client communication process. Much to my delight, not only has the book received wonderfully favorable feedback from the dog-loving public, but from veterinarians as well. As one vet wrote, "When my clients have read Speaking for Spot they are heads and tails ahead of the curve in terms of understanding their dog's issues and making good medical decisions on their behalf. I wish I could make this book mandatory reading for each and every one of my clients."

I hope you will share Speaking for Spot with your clients. Your clients will become stellar medical advocates for their pets by learning how to:

  • Provide succinct and meaningful medical histories
  • Answer your questions directly
  • Surf the Internet responsibly
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Work through tough medical decisions when outcomes are unpredictable
  • Candidly discuss financial matters
  • Figure out if pet health insurance makes sense and, if so, which provider is the best fit

Your clients will also learn the importance of:

  • Arriving on time for scheduled appointments
  • Turning off their cell phone during time spent with you
  • Bringing their pet's medications/supplements to the office visit
  • Complying with agreed upon recommendations
  • Letting the staff know if their pet is aggressive
  • Having all decision-makers present during discussions
  • Treating all members of your staff with respect

Speaking for Spot is available via most book vendors (independent and corporate) as well as via this website. A word of advice- while I encourage leaving a copy in your waiting room and/or exam rooms, be sure to write your hospital name along the lateral margins of the book. This prevents the book from "developing legs". I invite you to contact me with any questions and please know that I welcome your feedback.

Warm best wishes,
Nancy Kay, DVM
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

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