Advocacy Aids

  I use the term Advocacy Aids to describe a set of health forms I’ve created to help you excel as your pet’s medical advocate. Where can you find them?  It’s easy.  Simply go to and look for “Resources” in the red horizontal main menu.  The first item in the Resources pull down menu is Advocacy Aids.  I invite you to download, print, copy, and use them to your heart’s content.  Feel free to share with others as well. … Read More

A Truly Hands-On Physical Examination

Have you ever gone to the doctor and realized after the visit that those healing hands never actually touched your body? C’mon now, that’s not okay!  Nor is it okay for your veterinarian to skimp when it comes to examining your pet.  In veterinary school, we are taught to perform a thorough physical examination on each and every patient.  It would be a travesty to miss a new heart murmur or enlarged lymph node on a patient that presented for… Read More

Making Veterinary Hospital Visits Less Stressful for Your Dog

There’s no question that trips to the veterinary hospital have the potential to wreak havoc on a dog’s psyche and bring out the worst in their behavior.  Normally outgoing dogs may become timid, and confident dogs may become fearful. A dog that would never growl or bite in their home environment may bare his teeth when being handled by strangers in the veterinary hospital setting.  Such behavioral changes are typically stress or fear induced. By doing some advance work with… Read More

Reviews of Speaking for Spot

Written reviews of Speaking for Spot have recently been published in The Cavalier Wag, the newsletter of the Bay Area Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, The Berner Beat, the newsletter of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California, Yodels, the monthly newsletter of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Southeast Wisconsin, and The Alpenhorn, the official monthly publication of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America. The BARK magazine included an excerpt from Chapter 4 of Speaking for Spot… Read More