Caring for Your Senior Pet

Caring for an aged pet can be a mixed blessing. What a glorious achievement that your cat or dog has become a senior citizen. However, now it is incumbent upon you to recognize and care for special medical needs created by the aging process. Age-related problems can progress so slowly that they may go unnoticed. Here are some tips for recognizing common age-related problems. Stiffness: Pay particular attention to your elderly dog or cat first thing in the morning. If… Read More

Ovariectomy (OVE) Versus Ovariohysterectomy (OVH) Revisited

If you’ve been reading my blogs for awhile now, you may remember two of my previous posts. While OVH surgery involves removal of the uterus and both ovaries, with OVE surgery just the ovaries are removed. Both are effective techniques for spaying (neutering) female dogs and cats. I am bringing this topic to your attention for a third time based on a recently published article within the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. The article is titled, “Ovariohysterectomy Versus… Read More

Urinary Accidents

When your wonderful dog, who has always done his or her “business” outside, begins leaving puddles in the house, please do not default to the notion that this is a behavioral issue.  It is highly unlikely your dog is mad at you for sleeping in on Sunday mornings or jealous because you showed some affection to your neighbor’s dog.  Chances are, the inappropriate urination is a result of an underlying medical issue. Well house-trained dogs would rather urinate anywhere other… Read More

Even More to Say About a Better Way to Spay

In January I wrote a piece called, “A Different Way to Spay” ( describing two techniques for performing spay surgeries.  The method widely embraced in the United States is ovariohysterectomy (OVH) in which both ovaries as well as the uterus are removed.  The second way to spay- popular in many other countries- is ovariectomy (OVE) in which only the ovaries are removed and the uterus is left behind.   Since publishing the piece, many of you wrote to me expressing your… Read More

A Different Way to Spay

This blog presents an idea that will be new for many of you and may be new for your veterinarians as well.  I thought presenting a novel idea would be a great way to kick of the new year!  Taking a fresh look at the things we take for granted can be wonderfully enlightening.  Sometimes, the little light bulb overhead begins to sizzle and sparkle, illuminating a new and better way of doing things.  Consider this example- when some savvy veterinarians… Read More