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Who Have You Met Through Your Dog?

For me, the most endearing thing about 101 Dalmatians is the fact that, without their dogs’ involvement, Roger and Anita would likely never have met, fallen in love, and married. Two spotted dogs named Pongo and Perdita ignited… Read More

Caring for Our Pets and Ourselves at the End of Their Lives

If ever you’ve lost a beloved pet, or you are close to losing one, I think this piece will resonate with you. My friend, Susan Shannon, who lives and works in California, is the author. She is an… Read More

Disowning the Term “Pet Owner”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been squeamish about using the word “owner” to describe my relationship with my pets. Ownership of a living, breathing creature with whom I share a rich and meaningful relationship simply… Read More

Our Pets: Property or Family Members?

A number of recent court cases have debated the issue of financial compensation for emotional damages stemming from the negligent loss of a pet. While court systems within the United States view our furry and feathered family members… Read More

Who Was Dr. Leo Bustad?

I first heard of Dr. Leo K Bustad in association with the Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Award.  Since 1986 this award has been bestowed upon veterinarians whose work exemplifies and promotes the human animal bond…. Read More


I just had myself a good cry, and who wouldn’t after watching this video featuring an amazing dog named Ricochet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iIv5t2qKL4).  C’mon now, no one likes to cry alone- please watch it for yourself and report back on… Read More

Online Connections Thanks to Speaking for Spot

 It has been a year since my book Speaking for Spot was released, and what an amazing year it has been.  I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible about the book business.  I’ve traveled with Spot, met… Read More

Differing Perspectives on the Same Observations

I’ve received many wonderful emails in response to my interviews on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. The stories I’ve heard about peoples’ pets run the gamut from delightful to heart wrenching. Many listeners described crying while driving- I… Read More

The Third National Dog Blog Carnival – The Human-Animal Bond

  You’ll find Speaking for Spot among the participants in the Third National Dog Blog Carnival highlighting the human-animal bond. Participants include noted authors, behaviorists, vets, trainers, and artists. You can read my contribution as well as those… Read More

A Father’s Pride

My 84-year-old father lives in Denver, Colorado. He is trying to recreate some semblance of normalcy following the unanticipated loss of my mom in June- his wife of 57 years. He recently had cataract surgery that, thankfully, has… Read More