An Herbal Addendum and Vital Information About Vitamins

My most recent blog focused on potential pitfalls associated with treating our pets with medicinal herbs.  As so commonly happens, I received wonderful feedback, and one comment in particular, I would like to share with you.  Dr. Susan Wynn, a much-admired veterinary colleague offered this sage advice, “I think your conclusion is appropriate – if you’re interested in herbs, talk to your vet.  I think you need to go one further, though, since most veterinarians know little about herbs –… Read More

Medicinal Herbs: Not to Be Taken (or Given) Lightly

As a small animal internist, the majority of my patients are referred by their family veterinarians.  By the time I first examine them, they are usually receiving a laundry list of conventional medications (antibiotics, nonsteroidal antiinflammatories, etc.) and/or complementary medications (herbs, homeopathic remedies).   I’ve always scrutinized the conventional medications on the list because their potential side effects and the ways they might impact my diagnostic and therapeutic planning.  I’ve tended to pay far less attention to the complementary medications because of… Read More