Category: Veterinary Office Visits

Lumps and Bumps

Given the opportunity to examine an older dog, I’ll very likely find at least one or two cutaneous (within the skin) or subcutaneous (just beneath the skin surface) lumps and bumps. Such growths are common by-products of the… Read More

Got a Fever?

Just like us, dogs and cats can spike fevers in response to infectious diseases, inflammatory disorders, and heatstroke. How can you tell if your pet’s temperature is on the rise? The notion that a hot, dry nose is… Read More

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There

In the world of human medicine it’s estimated that 80% of the maladies that prompt physician visits would completely resolve on their own with simple “benign neglect.” In other words, time is all that is needed for a… Read More

Eating Grass: Normal or Abnormal?

Does your cat or dog like to eat grass? If so, you may be wondering if this is normal or abnormal behavior. Either conclusion may be accurate, depending on the individual animal. Some dogs and cats are natural… Read More

What Would You Do? Part II

A week ago I challenged you by asking, “What would you do?” pertaining to a series of pet-related symptoms. Thanks to the more than 100 of you who submitted your responses. All of your names were entered into… Read More

What Would You Do?

I recently came across a paper titled “Internet users’ perception of importance of clinical signs commonly seen in old animals with age-related diseases”. The study concluded that many people have difficulty accurately assessing the importance of their pets’… Read More

Clients I Wish I Could Clone

Just as teachers have their “pet students,” so too do veterinarians have their “pet clients” (no pun intended).  These are the clients who generate a buzz of excitement amongst the veterinary staff whenever their names appear on the… Read More

Shared Office Visits

Recent articles in Time and The Oprah Magazine discuss the intriguing concept of “shared medical appointments”. Here’s how such appointments work. Up to a dozen or more patients assemble for the visit. First, a nurse or physician’s assistant… Read More

Managing Your Dog’s Chronic Ear Disease

If you care for a dog with recurrent ear problems, I suspect you have experienced your fair share of frustration, impatience, and/or exasperation. This is undoubtedly true if you live with a dog who develops stinky ears and… Read More

Ear Disease in Dogs: Part Three

Veterinarians in general practice are just about guaranteed to see at least a few dogs every week suffering from ear problems. Why is this so common? Multiple predisposing factors and the anatomy of the canine ear canal create… Read More