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Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Steve and Alayne with Daisy I first communicated with Steve Smith when he and Alayne Marker enrolled their nonprofit organization in the Speaking for Spot Gives Back Program.  Located in New Hampshire, Steve and Alayne are the proprietors… Read More

Home for the Holidays: let’s make some magic!

While I’m busy recovering from some back surgery, you have the good fortune of reading posts from some of my favorite doggie bloggers!  Today’s post comes from Dr. Jessica Vogelsang (“Dr. V”) who blogs regularly at   Please… Read More

Be the Change for Animals

Today is Blog the Change day, a quarterly event focused on efforts to “Be the Change for Animals”.   The Speaking for Spot Gives Back Program shares proceeds from purchase of Speaking for Spot with animal centered nonprofit groups.  If your… Read More

Puppy Mill Awareness Day – September 18, 2010

Awareness Day 2010,  Saturday September 18, 2010, is focused on educating the public about the horror of  puppymills and supporting the movement to end such horrible facilities.   The two articles below were written in early 2010.   You can help by… Read More

Speaking for Spot Gives Back

Wonderfully fun names such as “A New Leash on Life,” “Wags to Riches,” and “Fairy Dogmother Rescue,” are to be found at This is definitely the place to go in cyberspace when thinking about adopting a new… Read More

A Rottweiler Reunion

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you may remember a series of stories I posted about two pregnant Rottweilers that were abandoned at my veterinary hospital ( 2/20/09, 3/8/09, 3/17/09).  In fact, these girls were… Read More