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Speaking for Spot Contest Celebrates Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals Week has been celebrated every year since 1915. It is a special time for reflection on the role that animals play in our lives, and provides an opportunity for us to demonstrate care for… Read More

How to Trick a Tick

How to Trick a Tick   I recently learned a fabulous new trick from Jessica, a nurse at my hospital.  I was in our treatment room preparing to remove a tick from the base of my dog’s ear. … Read More


Magic was an incredibly smart and affectionate Rottweiler mix lovingly cared for by Matt, Shannon and their two children.  Her final years were a challenge because of diabetes and blindness.  When the quality of Magic’s life dramatically diminished… Read More

Mia, Candy, and Fifteen Puppies

It has now been two weeks since two pregnant Rottweilers were abandoned at my hospital (read Victims Come in All Sizes at Spot’s blog:  My blog post about these two girls generated so much interest about their… Read More

Victims Come in All Sizes

As I was hanging out in the midst of our busy hospital treatment room during emergency hours a few of nights ago I was impressed at how much was going on all at once. On one treatment table… Read More

What Mutt Fans and Purebred Enthusiasts Have in Common

Every February, in the weeks surrounding the Westminster Dog Show, I hear plenty of biased commentary and heated discussion about mutts versus purebred dogs.  This year, the rhetoric has reached new heights- with all the speculation about who… Read More

A Teenager’s Perspective

My 16-year-old daughter was asked to write an impromptu speech in her rhetoric class about something that stirs her passion. She gave me permission to share this with you. I’m not so sure that all the traits she… Read More

Nellie and Quinn

We lost both of our elderly dogs within close succession within the past 18 months. My husband and I experienced “doglessness“ for the first time in thirty years, that is until a sweet little “Jack Russell something or… Read More