Caring for Our Pets and Ourselves at the End of Their Lives

If ever you’ve lost a beloved pet, or you are close to losing one, I think this piece will resonate with you. My friend, Susan Shannon, who lives and works in California, is the author. She is an animal minister and chaplain who truly understands relationships between people and their pets. She has given me permission to share the following article with you. If you are moved by what Susan has written, please voice your comments. I know she will… Read More

Great News on the Canine Cancer Front

In honor of November’s National Pet Cancer Awareness Month I would like to share some “hot off the press” wonderfully optimistic news with you. Dr. Nicola Mason from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine has been researching a new way to treat osteosarcoma, an aggressive and fatal form of bone cancer that has an affinity for growing within the leg bones of large and giant- breed dogs. Until now, treatment of osteosarcoma has consisted primarily of amputation (removal)… Read More

Hospice Care for Pets

Over the years I’ve counseled many thousands of clients as they’ve struggled with end-of-life decision making for their pets. For many of those years, clients who expressed opposition to humane euthanasia for moral, philosophical, emotional, or religious reasons created quite a conundrum for me: my professional obligation to ease patient suffering seemed incompatible with their convictions. Fortunately, over time, I’ve become wiser, and have embraced the means to reconcile what is best for the patient when euthanasia doesn’t feel like… Read More

Pain Management 101

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful stay at a dog-friendly campground. We encountered just about as many dogs as we did people! We made some new friends including Buddy, Sierra, Milo, Otis, Judd, Lexie, and Homer (please don’t ask me to recall the names of their humans). Our next-door neighbors were Milo and Otis, two middle-aged black Labradors. When these goofy brothers weren’t off on family hikes they spent their time meandering about with sticks in their… Read More