Age is Just a Number

When my clients make decisions on behalf of their senior dogs and cats, they routinely factor in their pet’s age.  I often hear statements such as, “I would pursue a diagnosis if only she weren’t so old.” and “I would treat him if only he were younger.”  When my clients voice such “senior objections” I gently encourage them to consider the situation a bit more objectively by considering their pet’s functional age rather than their chronological age.  For example, it… Read More

Patricia McConnell on The Diane Rehm Show

Patricia McConnell, expert on canine and feline behavior and dog training and author of more than a dozen books on canine behavior and dog training will be the featured guest on the NPR’s highly popular Diane Rehm Show on Monday March 22nd. Please visit the NPR website to  find your local station- The podcasts are also available through ITunes and on the show website shortly after broadcast.

Back By Popular Demand- Dr. Nancy Kay on Fresh Air with Terry Gross!

“A Veterinarian Advises How to Speak for Spot” Monday, August 31, 2009 This week will be “Animal Week” on the popular NPR show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  The lead interview will feature Dr. Nancy Kay and her book, Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life.  This interview originally aired in March and earned the #1 spot on NPR’s “most recommended” list. Dr. Kay’s interview will be broadcast on August 31st by your local… Read More

A Delightful Coincidence

Seung will be entering his last year of veterinary school at Colorado State University.  On top of his busy academic load, he manages to work part time as a technician at Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Clinic. As a way of figuring out which area of specialization to pursue following graduation he decided to experience an externship in a large emergency/specialty hospital.  His wife Stephanie heard my NPR interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross and suggested that Seung consider my… Read More

Speaking for Spot on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross

The segment I taped for NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross aired on March 19, 2009 and is now available on the NPR website – Please visit to read excerpts from Speaking for Spot. There you will also find “Advocacy Aids”- helpful health forms you can download and use for your own dog, and a collection of published articles on advocating for your pet’s health. SPEAKING FOR SPOT is available at, local bookstores, or your favorite online… Read More