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A Gift From Alice!

A woman named Alice recently sent an email via my website asking me for guidance.  Her veterinarian had recommended dental cleaning for her seven-year-old Shiba Inu (an adorable breed) named Posey.  While Alice was in agreement that the… Read More

The Winners – Speaking for Spot Be Kind to Animals Week Contest

I suspect that every week is a “Be Kind to Animals Week” in your household.  Nonetheless, the official “Be Kind to Animals Week” started this year on May third.  In honor of this special time, I held a… Read More


It’s official! The Obama family has adopted a pup named Bo. Every journalist, commentator, and blogger will be looking for a unique angle on this fabulous story. Some will extol the virtues of Portugese Water Dogs compared to… Read More

Speaking for Spot Contest Celebrates Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals Week has been celebrated every year since 1915. It is a special time for reflection on the role that animals play in our lives, and provides an opportunity for us to demonstrate care for… Read More