Fake Service Dogs

First things first, I wish to issue forth a disclaimer. As the mother of a child who relies on a wheelchair to get from point A to point B, I recognize that I am likely more sensitive about… Read More

Real Versus Fake Assistance, Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Animals

Are the Labrador Retriever guiding a blind person and the miniature pony providing emotional support considered to be the “same animal” in terms of the assistance they are providing, their legal description, and where they are allowed access?… Read More

Re-Homing of Dogs and Cats in the United States

In the United States, more than one million dogs and cats are re-homed every year. The fact that so many animals are removed from their established homes and placed in new situations was revealed in a recent ASPCA… Read More

Dogs and Ebola Virus

As I write this, Teresa Romero Ramos, a nurse assistant in Spain, is battling for her life against Ebola virus disease. Despite local protests and objections voiced via a global social media campaign, a court order mandated that… Read More

Questioning Traditional Neutering Recommendations for Dogs

Until a few years ago, I’d always nodded in agreement with the recommendation to neuter dogs (particularly females) not intended for breeding purposes between six months and one year of age. Spaying and castrating within this age window… Read More

Canine arthritis: Symptoms and treatment options for arthritis in dogs

While I’m busy recovering from some back surgery, you have the good fortune of reading posts from some of my favorite doggie bloggers!  Today’s post comes from Dr. Lorie Huston who blogs regularly at   Please make her… Read More

The Cost of Caring

The news would have us believe that the recession is over and unemployment is declining, but I’ve got to tell you, I’ve not yet seen even a glimmer of this in my professional life.  The majority of my… Read More

Firestorms in California

September and October are blissful months for me now that I live in the mountains of western North Carolina. I am treated to a feast of color and the quality of the light and crispness of the air… Read More

NT-proBNP Testing for Canine Heart Disease

Should your dog ever develop coughing or labored breathing, your veterinarian may recommend an NT-proBNP blood test. This stands for N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide. Now, how’s that for a mouthful? What the heck is NT-proBNP? B-type natriuretic peptide… Read More

Audible Versus Edible: Which Type of Reward Does Your Dog Prefer?

Which does your dog prefer, a yummy treat or verbal praise from you? Does your answer differ between the dogs in your household? A team of researchers took it upon themselves to answer this basic question- do dogs… Read More