Reasonable Expectations Part II: Access to “The Back” of the Hospital

This is the second part of an ongoing series describing how people are developing new expectations when it comes to veterinary care for their pets.  Part one can be found at  Care to tag along next time… Read More

How to Ensure You Are There Should Your Hospitalized Pet Pass Away

Wherever I’ve worked, with one exception, I’ve had the ability to ensure that my clients were allowed cage-side access pretty much 24/7 with their very sick pets (and I didn’t last very long at the job where this… Read More

Reasonable Expectations Part III: Access to Round-the-Clock Care

This is the third part of an ongoing series describing how people are developing new expectations when it comes to veterinary care for their pets.Parts one and two can be found at If your dog is sick enough to require hospitalization or has just undergone a major surgical procedure, how will he or she be cared for overnight?

St. Croix

Thanks to all of you who requested information about my recent deployment to St. Croix where I worked at an emergency shelter established by the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Over the course of… Read More

Suicide and Other Mental Health Concerns Amongst Veterinarians

In 2014, Dr. Sophia Yin, a gifted and universally revered veterinary behaviorist, took her own life. Her passing sent shockwaves through the veterinary and dog training communities and reignited intense interest in mental health issues amongst veterinarians. There… Read More

Tracheal Collapse: A Common Cause of Canine Coughing

“My dog can’t stop coughing, and I’m not getting any sleep!” What veterinarian hasn’t heard this complaint? Many different disorders cause coughing in dogs. One at the top of the list, particularly in smaller breeds, is a disease… Read More

Cruciate Ligament Disease: A Comparison of Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatment Outcomes

I was intrigued by the results of a recently published study in which the researchers focused on cranial cruciate ligament disease (CCLD) in dogs. Specifically, they evaluated owner satisfaction with outcomes of two very different treatment options, one… Read More

Causes and Treatment of Canine Liver Disease

I’ve got nothing but love and respect for the liver. This amazing, multitasking organ performs a vast array of functions essential for survival. Background information about these functions along with the symptoms and diagnostic testing associated with liver… Read More

Why Does My Dog Tremble?

Have you ever watched your dog tremble or shiver in warm weather and wondered why? While it’s tempting to think that trembling and shivering are always a result of being too cold, such is not the case. Here’s… Read More

Tail Docking and Ear Cropping in Dogs

Medically unnecessary surgeries are addressed in an article within the most recent edition the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Tail docking is discussed at length (pun intended) as is ear cropping.   The article begins by… Read More