Vet Set Go: Promoting Kids’ Aspirations to Become a Veterinarian



Do you know any youngsters who are passionate about animals and want to become a veterinarian? If so, be sure to tell them about Vet Set Go , an organization that provides a wealth of information about how to make the dream of becoming a veterinarian come true. And right now, Vet Set Go is accepting applications  for middle schoolers to win tuition, food and housing at this summer’s Auburn University’s Junior VET Camp.

Chris Carpenter: founder of Vet Set Go

The founding father of Vet Set Go is veterinarian Dr. Chris Carpenter, himself a graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. He’s been working for years helping teens and tweens explore their dreams of becoming veterinarians. As Dr. Carpenter has stated,

“Unlike other professionals, the majority of veterinarians practicing today made their career decision when they were very young. In fact, I made my decision to become a veterinarian when I was eleven years old. Today’s aspiring veterinarians are no different. Working with animals is a calling for them and they are passionate about it.”

Dr. Carpenter is keen on promoting a love of science amongst girls. “What I love about Vet Set Go is how we leverage a tween’s love of animals to motivate them to explore science in a fun way. Most of Vet Set Go’s audience is tween girls. And even if, in the end, they decide not to become a veterinarian, they now understand that a career in science can be fun. I tell my 13-year-old daughter every day to keep doing well in her science class because a career in science will open up so many doors for her. I want every tween girl to understand that. Veterinary medicine is just one of the fantastic possibilities.”

The Vet Set Go website

Dr. Carpenter’s passion to help kids explore their dreams evolved into Vet Set Go, the first and only web community dedicated to kids wanting to become veterinarians. His goal was to go beyond classroom presentations and provide kids with a way to get behind the scenes and meet and interact with veterinarians and see what they do. 

Vet Set Go website features  include:

“Meet The Vets”: Behind the scenes videos demonstrating what different veterinarians do

“Science of Veterinary Medicine”: Visitors follow actual cases as they are happening in the clinic

Free games: Interactive ways to help future veterinarians explore a variety of topics

Community: A place for veterinary teams and future veterinarians to share their stories

Contest to attend Junior VET Camp

Between now and May 4th, students may enter the Vet Set Go Contest to receive free tuition meals and housing for this summer’s Junior VET Camp at Auburn University. Three winners will be selected and ten runners-up will receive a free copy of Vet Set Go’s award-winning quick start guide to becoming a veterinarian. Applicants must be either in or about to enter middle school.

Wow, Vet Set Go would have been my dream come true when I was growing up!

Please tell me about the kid you know who wants to become a veterinarian.

Best wishes,

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2 Comments on “Vet Set Go: Promoting Kids’ Aspirations to Become a Veterinarian

  1. Dr. Nancy,

    This is right up my daughter’s alley. She is 13 yrs. old, lives with her family of two legged and four legged siblings (including a horse and dog and soon to come puppy). She is an excellent student and has been talking of becoming a vet for years and has already toured UC Davis. I just forwarded your blog to her parents.



  2. Cub Creek Science Camp in Missouri also promotes working with animals and includes younger kids. It’s about an hour and a half from St. Louis and families looking for a science camp should check out their website.

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