Take the Pledge: A Quick and Simple Thing You Can Do Today to Help Make Puppy Mills Go Away

Would it surprise you to know that the vast majority of puppies sold in pet stores originate from puppy mills (large scale breeding operations where profit is prioritized over the emotional and physical well being of the dogs housed there)? According to a recent study commissioned by the ASPCA, 78 percent of consumers are unaware of this. In fact, 80 percent of consumers indicated that they would not purchase a puppy if they knew it came from a puppy mill.

Given this data, the ASPCA launched their “No Pet Store Puppies” Campaign to increase awareness about the relationship between puppies sold in pet stores and puppy mills. The ASPCA estimates that there are thousands of pet stores in the United States selling puppies.

By taking the Campaign Pledge you and I are making a commitment to stop shopping at stores that sell puppies. This means no pet food, cat litter, toys, leashes or collars- absolutely no purchases of any sort at stores that sell puppies, period! The hope is that this financial squeeze will convince pet store proprietors to get out of the puppy mill trade.

Started last July, the “No Pet Store Puppies” Campaign has already garnered over 100,000 pledges! How about if we help jump start the next 100,000! I’ve taken the Pledge and am asking you to do the same. I also encourage you to share this blog post with as many people as possible. Together, we can end the insanity and inhumanity of puppy mills.

Please post a comment letting me know that you have taken the Pledge and your name will be entered in a drawing to receive a signed copy of Speaking for Spot  or Your Dog’s Best Health. Three winners will be named. Thanks for supporting the “No Pet Store Puppies” Campaign.

Best wishes,

Nancy Kay, DVM

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Author of Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life
Author of Your Dog’s Best Health: A Dozen Reasonable Things to Expect From Your Vet
Recipient, Leo K. Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Award
Recipient, American Animal Hospital Association Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award
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68 Comments on “Take the Pledge: A Quick and Simple Thing You Can Do Today to Help Make Puppy Mills Go Away

  1. I’ve taken the pledge, actually taken years ago. I hold education classes every week where I work to educate about puppy mills and not to buy from pet stores that sell them and to change our laws to ban them.

  2. I’ve taken the pledge, but it does create some difficulty. The only family-owned, non- chain tropical fish store in our area also carries puppies. I’ve asked several people there about the pups and have always been assured that they are not puppy mill pups. They are local, home based breeders who don’t breed a lot of litters.
    I’d hate to think they’re lying, but perhaps they are.

  3. I’m so glad this is coming to the forefront. You’ve inspired me…now I’m emailing my list with opportunity to win a drawing at Pure Pets if they sign the pledge & reply to let me know. Thanks so much!

  4. I have not entered such a store for over 30 years, except perhaps to complain about the sale of puppies and kittens. Taking the pledge was a no-brainer! In my career as a trainer, I have seen too many times the behavioral and physical toll taken on animals that come from both pet stores and puppy mills.

  5. I am the editor of on online news site in Newtown CT, hamlethub.com/newtown. I am posting your blog on our home page as well as our Facebook page and I‘m asking the other editors to do the dame.

  6. I volunteer for a rescue and the puppy mill dogs are the worst to get adopted out. They ALL need to be closed down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am the editor of an online magazine in Newtown CT with sites in 18 other towns and cities in CT. I am posting your blog and asking the other editors to do the same.

  8. Thank you for raising awareness on this horrible problem, I take the pledge!

  9. I took the pledge and shared this and the pledge page on Facebook.

  10. I happily took the pledge, given that I rescued a female Tibetan Terrier from a puppy mill in Missouri through a rescue organization in Colorado. After a very expensive beginning since she had not had any care for 7 years (extensive dental work and double ear infections), medication and a lot of one on one attention and training, she has become a wonderful companion. It is a testament to her character that she is very sweet and gentle despite her former life. I will take the don’t buy pledge even further and NEVER set foot in Missouri so as to not contribute in any way to their economy. Our voices must be heard on behalf of those who cannot speak for theselves and must endure the deplorable conditions and forced confinement of the puppy mills. Your help is very much appreciated.

  11. I’ve taken the pledge. We succeeded in closing down “Just Puppies” in Laurel…hope we can close the rest of the puppy sellers in Maryland soon.

  12. Good for you, Dr Kay! You have a wide audience and are using it to make a difference. I certainly take the pledge.
    Samantha DiMaio-Leach
    Canine Cushing’s Autoimmune Care
    Assisting Jacksonville FL Sheltie Rescue

  13. Having seen 1st hand the deplorable conditions these animals suffer through I take the pledge! I shared on Bow Wow & Woofs facebook page. We never have nor ever will sell live animals. We support and post available animals from the local rescue organizations and direct all potential inquiries for dogs and kitties to see sources. We can make a difference.

  14. Thank you. Have taken the pledge and shared on our shops facebook page. Bow Wow & Woofs has not nor ever will sell live animals having seen 1st hand how deplorable the living consitions are for these poor animals. We support and post in our shop dogs available for adoption!

  15. I took and commit to the Pledge. I rescued 2 Puppy Mill Toy Poodle Studs from filthy neglect, no vet care, no socialization, no exercise, dirty water, matted, never dewormed & never vaccinated. I urge adoption and if you have the time, patience and knowledge of how to help a puppy mill dog become a happy social dog please do so. Our Dog Swpecialist taught us how, it took a full year but we now have saved 2 of the dearest smart loving pets who thank us every second.

  16. Done! Thanks for your efforts in this matter Dr. Kay. I will send on to everyone I know with an email address, Carolyn

  17. I am happy to take the pledge! My rescue deals with a lot of puppy mill survivors, so the pledge means a lot to me!

  18. Honestly, I had no idea the numbers were that high! I took the pledge! Thanks for raising awareness – not puppies!