A Recap of 2011

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It’s hard to imagine that five years or so ago, I had no idea what a blog was. In fact, my current spell check doesn’t recognize “blog” as a word.  Does yours? When I first learned about blogging, it took me awhile to buy into the notion that people would actually take the time to read another person’s musings. Well, I’m sure as heck glad and grateful that you are interested in mine! Many thanks for taking the time to post your thoughtful and insightful comments.

Out of the fifty or so blogs I posted last year, I’ve selected the ten best that I thought might be worthy of showcasing, particularly if you did not get a chance to read them the first time around. Now, here’s a look back at 2011!

The Elephant in the Middle of the Exam Room

The so-called “elephant” in the exam room that I discussed was money. I addressed the following questions: Are veterinarians only in it for the bucks? Are clients being charged too much? How are vets to make a living with soaring overhead costs and monumental school loans? Are “fixable” animals being euthanized because the price of making them well is too high?

Dog Auctions

I shared some of the gruesome details about dog auctions, a venue where puppy millers buy and sell their “livestock”. I also told you about a woman named Mary O’Connor-Shaver, a leader of the peaceful protests at Ohio dog auctions. Mary just informed me that she and a crew of other hard-working volunteers are just inches away from having enough signatures to create a 2012 ballot initiative which would ban dog auctions in Ohio. Way to go Mary! I hope the ballot initiative passes and the work she and her volunteers have done will set an example for other states.

The Time of Year to Think About Colorblind Adoptions

As it turns out, dark coated dogs and cats are often the hardest animals to rehome. This blog addressed the reasons why and was timed to coincide with Halloween, a time when many adoption agencies restrict adoption of black-coated animals.

Criticism Welcome Here

This blog was generated from some negative feedback I received from a reader about my support of the American Kennel Club Health Foundation.

A Primer on Leptospirosis

Your comments in response to this blog let me know that the information I provided about Leptospirosis helped you make better-informed choices about whether or not to vaccinate your own dogs against this disease.

Pedicures: Definitely Not for Everyone

Some dogs turn pedicures into wrestling matches! Many trainers provided comments containing excellent advice about how to desensitize dogs to having their feet and nails handled.

Who Was Dr. Leo Bustad?

I was the incredibly fortunate recipient of the 2011 Leo Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Award (presented by the American Veterinary Medical Association). I did some research to learn more about the man behind the award and then shared that information with you.

Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning

Cleaning teeth on awake animals has been steadily becoming more popular. I present the positive and not-so-positive results of doing so.

Can You Take Your Dog By Surprise When It’s Time For a Walk?

This is a blog post about how adept our animals are at reading our minds!

Age is Just a Number

When making medical decisions for their pets, many people factor in the animal’s age. I discuss the importance of considering the animal’s functional age rather than their chronological age.

As I begin a new year of blogging, I invite your ideas. What would you like to read about in 2012?

Best wishes for a happy new year,

Nancy Kay, DVM

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Author of Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life
Author of Your Dog’s Best Health: A Dozen Reasonable Things to Expect From Your Vet
Recipient, Leo K. Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Award
Recipient, American Animal Hospital Association Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award
Recipient, Dog Writers Association of America Award for Best Blog
Recipient, Eukanuba Canine Health Award
Recipient, AKC Club Publication Excellence Award
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