People Plan and God Laughs

This is what my grandmother and then my mother always used to tell me, and I never liked it, not one little bit.  It is not a great quote to deliver to a control-oriented person like me. As adults we pretty much figure out that while we cannot necessarily control the adverse events that affect our lives we can control (or at least attempt to control) how we respond to adversity.   

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Case in point, after some obscenities and a lot of venting to my wonderful husband, I’ve acquiesced to having a second surgery because of a complication resulting from back surgery I had in November.  While I was away from the keyboard then, you got to enjoy some guest bloggers.  This surgery provides less lead-time so I’ve not recruited anyone to fill in. (I shouldn’t be gone for more than a few weeks, unless God laughs, that is!).  If you’re hungry to read I thoroughly recommend the following sites to whet your whistle:  Kathie please make all of the following live links   

PetConnection Blog (a team of writers, myself included)   

Fully Vetted by Dr. Patty Khuly   

Daily BARK (a team of writers)   

About.Com, Veterinary Medicine by Janet Tobiassen Crosby   

Pawcurious by Dr. V.   

 By the way, if you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a woman who happens to be crazy about dogs, please check out the Speaking for Spot Gives Back Program.  When you purchase your copy of Speaking for Spot (complimentary gift wrap included), the animal-centered nonprofit organization you select will receive $6.00 from the purchase price.  Check it out, and if you don’t see your favorite nonprofit organization on the list, encourage them to contact me.  The program provides easy money, and goodness knows they could probably use it!   

Best wishes for good health,            

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9 Comments on “People Plan and God Laughs

  1. Good luck with your surgery! Looking forward to having you back at the blog. Sending all positive energy!

  2. Sit, stay, HEAL!

    I hope all goes better than planned and you sail through – I know you will. Make sure you keep your e-collar on at all times so you don’t lick the incision :)

    Best wishes

  3. Our granny used to say that too. Doesn’t make it suck any less. So sorry, best wishes for things to go really great! (((hugs)))

  4. we are all in our household directing healing energy for a quick, painless end to your surgery …..and channeling chicken soup.

  5. Pawraying for the Lord’s hand on your surgeon and a speedy recovery.

  6. Dear Dr. Kay:

    Wishing you a very tiny amount of pain, and a speedy recovery. I’m sorry to know that you needed this additional surgery. Grrr!!! Feel good soon!

  7. Dr. Kay,
    I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and a speady recovery.
    If you are looking for something interesting to read, this is my recommendation:
    Reaching the Animal Mind, by Karen Pryor