At long last, here is a blog post that will appeal to those of you who love cats (although dog lovers will likely enjoy it as well).  You have been such loyal fans in spite of the fact that I know you’ve felt slighted.  We all hoped there would be a Talking for Tabby published on the heels of Speaking for Spot.  No such luck!  The publishers I’ve spoken with feel that medically oriented cat books don’t sell well.  Here’s the good news – the medical advocacy principles presented in Speaking for Spot  and my blog apply across species lines (including humans).


So, for all you cat lovers, this blog’s for you!  I heard a recent story on the radio about a gentleman known as the “graffiti guy.”  Every morning, he heads out into his neighborhood armed with a bucket of paint, rollers, and brushes.  His goal is to cover up the graffiti applied the night before throughout his inner city neighborhood.  Apparently, there is considerable concern for the safety of the “graffiti guy.”  It’s possible that the gangbangers whose graffiti he is erasing might seek retribution against the individual “defacing” their artwork. 

After hearing this story, I began thinking about these gangbangers and what motivates them to post graffiti.  For the most part they are adolescent males (heavily under the influence of testosterone) who spray paint in order to mark their territory.  As a veterinarian, this all feels so familiar!  Think about it- a client comes in, pulling her hair out because her adolescent male kitty (heavily under the influence of testosterone) is spraying all over the house to mark his territory. Only he’s not spraying paint, he’s spraying urine!  The good news for my client is that I have a surefire way to fix the problem. A simple “snip-snip” surgery (aka castration) and voila, the spraying stops.  Now let your imagination run wild.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?!

Best wishes, 

Nancy Kay, DVM
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Author of  Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life
Recipient, American Animal Hospital Association 2009 Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award
Recipient, 2009 Dog Writers Association of America Award for Best Blog
Recipient, 2009 Eukanuba Canine Health Award
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9 Comments on “Graffiti

  1. Yes indeed, I know exactly what you are thinking. I would add that the “deed” should be done under local anasthesia……in my city certain areas look like Dante’s Inferno.
    I do believe that Talking for Tabby would be useful and there are not many cat-specialists around. Here I am apparently the only one, also known as the “Cat Woman of Long Beach” I’m not quite sure how to take it……I do know that they are not talking about my looks!

  2. Thanks for the laugh. Too bad it is not that easy for the humans!

  3. Brilliant idea Dr. Kay. I think that would be a much better deterrent than any other threat of punishment.

  4. OOOOOOOH, you are BAD, girl! But seriously, what a great idea! Might even help reduce the prison population so we could put more money into education.

  5. Darn it! I think the publishers are wrong but I don’t know the publishing business. They are sure there is no market for it? I do know I’ll have to tell my friends there won’t be a Talking for Tabby book. Good thing I’ve given them Speaking for Spot!

  6. I too am chuckling about the graffiti blog. Thanks for a lighter moment to end the week. BUT, I will say, (if you get my drift) that a little snip, snip might not be a bad idea for some of these testosterone filled little guys who vandalize our neighborhoods!!!!!

  7. YAY for the KITTEHS! They got top billing today …

    Now for the post … ROFLMBO!!! Yep, a lil snip snip may just be the order of the day. Most definitely would it curb some tempers and muscle flexing.

  8. Brilliant – thanks for making me laugh after a long week.

  9. I would like to put a pre-order in for as many Talking for Tabby books as it would take to change your publisher people’s mind. K thanks. OK I’m bluffing. (I would definitely buy it though!) And I think we are right on the edge of that becoming a super popular topic – it sure would be for my clients! You are right though – Speaking for Spot crosses species lines beautifully :)