Puppy Mill Campaign-One Girl’s Campaign to Educate Many

I absolutely love connecting with kids who realize a passion and then act on it! I am so pleased to feature a post from my guest blogger, Miah Rae.  Miah is a 12 year old student who loves animals and is passionate about making a positive difference for as many as possible.  A love for animals may be an inherited trait- Miah’s grandmother is pet blogger, Yvonne DiVita!

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Puppy Mill Campaign-One Girl’s Campaign to Education Many by Miah Rae

For everyone who doesn’t follow my personal blog, Start the Change, you should know that I am working on getting as many students as possible to sign a pledge to never support a puppy mill. I want to educate them on what puppy mills are and how to avoid supporting them.

I just started today and I already have 36 signatures, which makes me so excited!!! 36 signatures on my puppy mill awareness pledge, which says, “I pledge to always seek any pet I want to adopt from a shelter, and to never give my money to a pet store in the mall, or anywhere else. I do not support puppy mills, and people and stores who do will never get my business. Don’t shop. ADOPT!”

That means 36 people from my school promised to adopt from a shelter and to never shop from a pet store. That is a huge difference, and I am hoping I will double it tomorrow!

I give out a big thanks to my drama teacher who let me share my pledge with the class and explain what a puppy mill is. I got most of my signatures from that class so I greatly appreciate it.

I am still so surprised by how many people don’t know what they are! I asked my drama class how many people actually knew what a puppy mill was and only about 5 or 6 actually knew a little bit about it. I was shocked, but excited to teach so many people about it.

She started her own blog in May 2010, and even spoke at the latest BlogPaws conference in Denver, hoping to gain support for her movement. In her spare time she is a dancer and is raising a brand new puppy pitbull mix, Onyx.

It was great and I am so excited to be making a difference this way, and I will keep everyone updated on my pledge totals over on my blog at Start-the-Change.com .

Miah Rae and Onyx

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2 Comments on “Puppy Mill Campaign-One Girl’s Campaign to Educate Many

  1. Fantastic and inspiring. Starting where you are, with what you have – that’s how to change the world.
    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Jack @ PDB
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  2. Wow, Miah, this is soooo great!! If you need any help with this, I am more than happy to help. Also, if you need any help or training with your adorable pup, let me know (you can get my email and phone number from my website). You are doing a GREAT thing, the earlier we can educate people about this horrible thing the better!
    Diamonds In The Ruff

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