A Rottweiler Reunion

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you may remember a series of stories I posted about two pregnant Rottweilers that were abandoned at my veterinary hospital (www.speakingforspot.com/blog 2/20/09, 3/8/09, 3/17/09).  In fact, these girls were so darned pregnant that, within 24 hours, one of them, now named Mia, delivered ten healthy, happy puppies.  Mia and her little sausages were fostered by Jill, a member of the amazing team of receptionists at my hospital.   Jill ended up keeping the runt of the litter, now known as Dodger, and she managed to find wonderful homes for Mia and the other nine pups. Candy, the other mama, found her way to Linda, a Rottweiler maven who works tirelessly doing Rottie rescue work.  Candy delivered five pups while in Linda’s care.  Mama and all five pups were placed in caring homes. 




Jill has managed to keep tabs on Mia and all but one her puppies.  As the adoptive families report, they are all matches made in heaven!  At their recent one-year birthday reunion (held at a local dog park) the puppies were all playing while their humans were sporting grins from ear to ear!  Although there were thirty or so dogs at the park that day, the siblings seemed to hang out preferentially with one another.  Have a look at the “before” and “after” photos.  In the adult photos, there are clearly two distinct facial appearances. (Perhaps two different dads were involved in the creation of this litter!) Charlie, Bandit, and Giovani have kept their original names.  Abby, Delilah, Ember, Freda, Hans, Ivan, and Juno have become Maggie, Dee Dee, Dodger, Ava, Trixie, Bruno, and Sadie.   

Dodger is the dog furthest to the right in this photo

Those little sausages have all turned into massive dogs with weights varying from 80 to 110 pounds.  And guess who the 110 pounder is!  None other than Dodger, the original runt of the litter! 

I hope this blog makes you smile and reminds you to support your local animal rescue organizations. 

Best wishes to you and your four-legged family members for abundant good health, 

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6 Comments on “A Rottweiler Reunion

  1. I have half a Rott, sweet little dog. I think I will be hooked on a full Rott in the future.

    However, I can imagine some dog owners looking at that group and turning right back around!

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, Dr. Kay. I love happy endings! Kudos to all the wonderful people who took part in this adventure, and helped find loving homes for all the pups and moms.

  3. A super wonderful article with a lovely ending.

  4. Oh my, Nancy! Your staff members must be just as wonderful as you are, to love and nurture these precious puppies into the exquisite dogs they’ve become ! What an uplifting story! Bless your caring hearts, and thanks for making my day!

  5. I love this “tail”! Thanks for sharing. Family connections among dogs is something that doesn’t get enough study or thought at all, IMO.

    We had a 1 year party for my boy and his family and it was amazing how closely my guy stayed to his dad. He was so soft and still with both his mom and dad. We all loved exchanging stories and finding the similarities among the siblings also.

  6. Thank you for all you do for dogs and sharing this story with us. This really brightened my day. I am so glad to hear of happy endings!