Please Joe, Say it Isn’t So

My heart aches today for Joe Camp.  Although you may not recognize his name, chances are you’ve heard of Benji, the adorable dog of movie fame.  Benji was Joe’s creation.  Joe recently wrote a wonderful book called Soul of a Horse.  I’ve corresponded a bit with Joe, author to author, and have followed his blog posts.  I’ve loved hearing about his gorgeous buckskin mustang mare Noelle, and her incredibly adorable three-month-old foal Malachi.  Joe’s descriptions of Malachi’s antics have been priceless. 

When I opened my email today, my heart sank.  The title of Joe’s email was “Malachi is gone.”  As much as I didn’t want to read the email I forced myself.  I learned that Malachi passed away on June 3rd, the result of a freak accident- the kind no one can possibly predict when it comes to unpredictable horse behavior.  I have no doubt that Joe and his wife are devastated as are every single one of Joe’s fans, myself included.  Poor Noelle is without her baby.  It all feels so nonsensical.  

If you have a moment, I encourage you to reach out to Joe.  You’ll find him at  It doesn’t matter whether or not you are fond of horses.  If you understand the human animal bond, Joe will feel your support. 

Wishing you and your dog good health,

Dr. Nancy Kay
Specialist, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine 

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