Mia, Candy, and Fifteen Puppies

It has now been two weeks since two pregnant Rottweilers were abandoned at my hospital (read Victims Come in All Sizes at Spot’s blog: speakingforspot.wordpress.com).  My blog post about these two girls generated so much interest about their welfare, I feel the need to provide an update.


Within days of having their lives turned upside down, one of the Rottweilers (now named Mia) gave birth to ten plump, vigorous, hungry puppies- six girls and four boys.  She and her pups are receiving foster care and living the good life with Jill (one of our hospital receptionists) and her family. Jill tells me that this has been an incredible and wonderful experience for her family.  They have fallen in love with Mia (they may have trouble letting her go) and watching the puppies change day by day has been extraordinary.  Mia is the “model mom,” nurturing her pups and welcoming the companionship of her new human family. The pups have just opened their eyes and are quickly developing different personalities.  Some are calm and unobtrusive while others have become pushy, persistently demanding their mama’s attention and pushing others out of the way to get it.  The pups are named (at least temporarily) Abby, Bandit, Charli, Delilah, Ember, Freda, Giovani, Hans, Ivan, and Juno.  A few look like Rottweilers- the others clearly have mixed breed markings.  To date, six of Mia’s pups are spoken for.


Candy and her puppies have found a safe haven with Rottweiler maven, Linda.  Like so many others who tirelessly invest their time and money into dog rescue work, Linda opens her home and heart to Rottweilers (or Rottweiler mixed breeds) who have experienced misfortune.  Linda reports that, in the course of adapting to so many changes, Candy’s somewhat timid demeanor is giving way to a more animated, tail-wagging personality. Like Mia, Candy is also a wonderful mother.  To date, none of her pups are spoken for.  There are three boys and two girls.


I continue to ponder what life must have been like for Mia and Candy before I met them and why the person who cared for them felt the need to make such a drastic life-changing decision.  What I do know is that, from here on out, life is bound to be wonderful for these two gorgeous mothers and their fifteen babies.  If you have interest in adopting a Rottweiler mix pup (they’ll be ready to leave the nest in approximately 5 weeks), please contact me at dr.kay@speakingforspot.com.



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Dr. Nancy Kay
Specialist, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
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