A Teenager’s Perspective

My 16-year-old daughter was asked to write an impromptu speech in her rhetoric class about something that stirs her passion. She gave me permission to share this with you. I’m not so sure that all the traits she inherited from me are necessarily admirable. However, when it comes to her feelings about animals, I’m pleased and proud to report that the nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

“A dog, a friend, a keeper of all secrets, one who holds no grudges and does not judge. Have you ever said that your dog is your best friend? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t throw my best friend into the streets when times got tough. However, some people do.

First of all, we can mutually agree that the world is going through an economic crisis. People are forced to make life-changing decisions about what can be afforded.

But then, is it the heater, the car, the cable television, or the dog that goes? (I know sounds crazy right?!) Sadly, this is truth. In these times of struggle a dog is commonly thrown out the front door. The minor case of arthritis suddenly becomes the dog’s worst nightmare when the cost of medication cannot seem to be met.

Priorities people, priorities! How do things that keep us lifted in times of struggle suddenly seem impossible to manage? Yes, if worse comes to worse, and you are a victim of the next Great Depression, you just might end up living on the streets in the middle of winter, shivering so badly you can’t even speak. However, in the midst of this cold darkness, at least you’ll have your dog by your side to provide you with the love and warmth you need to make it through the night.

The point I’m trying to make is that when times get tough and not everything is affordable, most people look past what is most important, when in reality, a dog is priceless.”

Dr. Nancy Kay

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