Who will become the new first dog?

Who will become the new first dog?

Barack Obama made a lot of promises during his many campaign speeches. Let’s hope he keeps the promise he made to two of his most ardent supporters, namely his daughters. President-elect Obama vowed that, once the dust settles, the first family would open their home and hearts to a dog.

The ideal first dog would need to be a goodwill ambassador- welcoming people of all shapes, sizes, and colors to the White House (this would include news reporters, a lesson Barney Bush seemed to have missed out on). He would need to be adaptable- able to be on his best behavior whether in the Rose Garden, on Air Force One, or in the oval office. Starting with an adult dog who has a proven track record might make better sense than dealing with issues of house soiling and destructive behaviors that go hand-in-hand with raising a puppy.

A number of breeds would certainly fit the bill in terms of having the attributes of the ideal family dog. Apparently, Malia Obama is allergic to dogs, so the Obama’s are leaning towards breeds that are considered to be “hypoallergenic”. Word has it that a Poodle or Poodle-mix is in the running. Regardless of breed, I’m dubious that allergies will become an issue- the new first dog will likely be bathed so frequently (I suspect the new pup will have a full time nanny) that any allergy-producing danders will likely be washed down the drain.

My hope is that the Obamas find a dog that fits in with the multicultural nature of the upcoming presidency. Rather than choosing a purebred dog, I hope they will be smitten by a mixed breed. I would just love to see a mutt in the White House!

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